Our friend, Eric Eikenberry, wrote this wonderful letter to the editor of the Park Record. Thanks for the support, Eric!  


October 26, 2014


To The Editor:

I’m an Arizona native who has only been living in Utah for a couple of years.  I enjoy almost weekly excursions to Park City where I visit with Diane Keller, a Park City resident for more than 13 years.  Both of us have watched with interest the changes taking place at the corner of Bobsled Blvd. and Hwy 224, also known as Bill White Farms.

As a general contractor in Arizona, I certainly appreciated the opportunity to make a living by building structures and developing real estate.  However, the rapid growth we experienced in Arizona up until a few years ago often came at the expense of our historical heritage.  As I intermittently observe the progress at Bill White Farms, I am impressed on two levels.  First, I am amazed that the owner of this property elected to rehabilitate what, I have learned, was once the Hixon Farm from the late 30s, rather than build a convenience mart and gas station which, no doubt, would have been considerably more profitable than the current project.  Second, as a builder myself, I am equally amazed at the tasteful esthetic choices being made for this piece of property and the quality of workmanship in the rehabilitation of the historic buildings.

My friend, Diane, is thrilled at the improvements being made, as well, and delights in sharing it with friends and out-of-town guests.  We both agree that Park City is lucky to have such a conscientious community member and such a beautiful landmark to greet visitors and residents alike to Park City.  Well done, Bill White.


Eric Eikenberry

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