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Kind Words about Bill White Farms - From Eric Alban

I extend my greatest praise for the very welcome addition of Bill White’s farm on Hwy. 224; what a gift to our community. I, as well as much of the community, often stop by and appreciate the animals, the developing produce, the ever-evolving farm with so many nice touches. The signage and information for residents to learn the progress and “what’s behind the scenes” with the natural fertilizers, bug/pest control is always interesting. I was offered farm-fresh eggs from a worker; my 1st ever farm-fresh eggs, and I’m very grateful! The waterfalls and ponds that are present - added by Bill White - bring a large natural environmental ecosystem to help balance out the ever-growing urbanization of Park City. I truly wish we had numerous other farms such as Bill’s farm within our community. The bees to help pollinate are a welcome addition to any environment. The number of ducks visiting here, born here, enjoying this area is growing. Thank you. The list of the additions that Bill White brings to our Park City is a tremendous gift. I am going to visit him - hopefully today - and extend my offer for community service to help with some volunteer hours on his farm. My highest accolades to this wonderful farm in our community. I feel it brings us more together with all the people who stop and admire the progress, the animals, the crops growing - without chemicals - and often I see people sharing amongst each other while admiring the evolving farm. I witness many people just sitting by the ponds and admiring the birds that have been attracted to the new natural sanctuary. Thank you Bill White, thank you for developing this land to a community gift!

I live in The Cove at Sun Peak and I ride my bike by his farm daily - literally everyday I’m in town - to appreciate the “good energy” I feel from the farm. Bill White has worked with our HOA and developed the open space belonging to The Cove at Sun Peak and the addition of more water area/pond, an upcoming another waterfall, weeding, clearing trash along the highway, and more, all lead to a better, healthier ecosystem for our community. Wow, what a great resident. Thank you!


Eric Alban

Local resident of 25 years:)