Bill White spent the weekend building an amazing birdhouse that was donated to the Habitat for Humanity charity auction. Each portion from this intricate birdhouse has been hand-selected from the historical property; formally the Hixon Farm that is now Bill White Farms. From top to bottom, this "found-art" piece is entirely comprised of existing timeworn articles from the plot of land on Highway 224 that has a great historic significance to our area. The post holding the birdhouse upright was taken from the newel posts that supported the old garage. The main structure is a weathered dynamite box circa the mining era of Park City's silver mining boom. The old electrical insulators were salvaged and used as perches. The shingles, tin roofing and wood siding from the historical buildings on the property find new life on this habitat for our feathered friends. A functional weathervane on top of the structure brings the piece together by combining aged metal, a bike pump and toy tractor, all found during the renovation of the 100-year-old Hixon farm. There are six individual "apartments" for swallows or purple martins and a seasonal "clean out" panel on the rear of the bird house. This historical house is heavy and designed to withstand our native climate. It will be a special addition to anyone's garden with a penchant for reduce, reuse, re-cycle and a passion for wildlife habitat! Bill Welding BirdhouseBill with Birdhouse StandFinal Birdhouse