Bill White speaks about the farm to the Christian Center's guests.

Bill White speaks about the farm to the Christian Center's guests.

Our nonprofit mission is to heal the earth through sustainable, non-chemical methods, and we're trying to build a community around these values in hopes of creating a bigger impact. One of our signature, nonprofit programs that helps us build that type of community is our benefit dinner program. For the benefit dinner, we donate the food and labor to provide an incredible experience for other nonprofit organizations in Park City who then use this dinner to raise funds for their organization. It is just one of the ways we're giving back to our community and trying to heal the earth. 

On Monday, July 31st we hosted guests of the Christian Center of Park City to help them raise funds for their Capital Campaign. They are constructing a new building that will increase the capacity of their food pantry, increase the size of their counseling center, and even provide a kitchen demonstration area, as part of their food pantry, to help their clients cook nutritious and delicious meals. They are an incredible organization doing great work in our community, and we're thrilled in partnering with them in our Farm-to-pantry program, our cooking demonstrations, and our compositing program.  

To find out more about our benefit programs, please check out our webpage here: