Brian Dick is an organic farmer who recently joined the Bill White Farms team this last month in September. Originally from West Lafayette, Indiana, Brian is a fresh transplant to Park City. Attending college at Purdue, he obtained a degree in forestry while emphasizing in environmental education and park planning. He has worked as a park naturalist and focused on environmental education in Colorado, California, and Indiana. Brian is looking forward to enjoying the winter sports that Park City has to offer, including skiing and snowshoeing. In the summer, he likes to get outside to ride bikes and go hiking.  

Brian has brought with him his trusty sidekick dog named Loki, a cat, and 3 chickens. Presently, his 3 llamas are staying in Southern Utah. After running a hiking excursions business in Cali taking people on hiking excursions with the llamas, Brian fell in love with these animals.


As an environmentalist, Brian understands the importance of respecting the earth and utilizing organic gardening techniques. Brian has been gardening from a young age when he spent his summers with his grandmother. From childhood, he has had a desire for health and recognized organic gardening as a way to encourage wellbeing. We are so excited welcome Brian to Bill White Farms to strengthen our organic farming efforts!

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