The following was an email sent out by Monica Swindle of the PC Garden Club. All accompanying photos and words are courtesy of Monica. Thank you for the kind words, Monica! :)

"What's Happening on the Farm?

Anybody who has been to a Bill White restaurant knows he has the Midas touch when it comes to creating an enjoyable dining experience.

This also rings true for his farm that was the meeting place of our September Garden Club.  His mission: "To create a cooperative community-based experiment by enhancing the entry corridor into Park City, while expanding the agricultural use to reflect the trend to locally grown food". 

Our tour began underneath the 100 year old Black Willow Tree with Bill as our enthusiastic guide.  The flower beds, ponds, apple trees, multiple out-buildings and terracing has taken two years to develop (so far).  It is obviously a labor of love for Bill and we were blown away with the progress he has made in restoring the historic Hixon Farm. 

Here are just a few pictures that were taken during the hour-and-a-half tour.  Thank you to Bill and his staff for making our visit so wonderful!

 And thanks to our hostess, Jane Washington, whose lovely yard and gardens were a perfect end to a memorable evening."