Our mission is to create a cooperative, community-based experiment by enhancing the entry corridor into Park City. We are restoring the 1938 Hixon Farm to preserve the historically significant structures. Further, we will expand the agricultural use to reflect the trend to locally grown food.

Park City Gardening


By updating the existing infrastructure, we will restore this Park City landmark. We will use the facilities for cooking classes, food harvesting and a gathering place where people of all ages can experience traditional organic agriculture.

We encourage the propagation of the plants and flowers on the property and areas surrounding us. With the construction of the pond, and addition of plants and shrubs, we want to provide a natural habitat for birds, water fowl and other animal species. Improving the Millennium Trail and the nearby hillside for residents and travelers will be a key focus along with the historic preservation of the property.

Park City Gardening

What's Happening On the Farm 9-3-14