We are delighted that the Farm is in full Summer production mode right now!  We have a plethora of beautiful fruits and veggies ripe for the picking, as well as construction underway to complete the restoration of the original Hixon farmhouse!  

Check out the links below for the full interview with Leslie Thatcher on our local radio station KPCW for the most current farm happenings:

Part 1:  http://kpcw.org/post/bill-white-farms
Part 2:  http://kpcw.org/post/bill-white-farms-education-center

Tough but fair, Leslie is the woman most of Park City wakes up with every weekday morning. Her 25 years at KPCW has given her depth and insight, guiding her as she asks local leaders and citizens the questions on everyone’s minds during the live interviews of the Local News Hour.

As KPCW's News Director, she has the pulse of the community and an unmatched range of contacts that allows the station to cover everything going on in town, from increased school taxes and water rates to personal achievements and community-wide victories. When she's not sussing out the next story, you'll see her face at many Park City events, as well as on the ski hill and mountain trails.