We're keeping bees here at Bill White Farms in an effort to help nurture bee populations. With the hive collapses around the United States that have been occurring recently, bees are more important than ever! These little guys (and girls!) fly around our organic farm all day long, capturing pollen and spreading it from flower to flower. They bring all that pollen back to one center location- the hive. 

Our hives at Bill White Farms are nestled right next to the apple trees, and the bees are loving it! We had Doug, the expert beekeeper, come by on Monday to assess whether the bees had produced enough honey for the winter. They are looking good, but since this is a first-year hive, there won't be enough honey for us humans to steal. ;)

We had honey bees last year as well, but unfortunately the colony collapsed. You can read more about Colony Collapse Disorder here.

The bees seem happy and healthy here at our farm, with plenty of flowers to buzz around to. Check out these awesome photos and videos below!

In this video, Doug explains how the bees are helping to feed the babies of the hive. The bees grow into full adults in just 4 days! Watch this video below to learn more from Doug:

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